Introducing PhotosensitivityPal.

Browsing the Internet can be dangerous for people with photosensitivity who experience seizures or migraines when exposed to content with flashes or bright colors. PhotosensitivityPal blocks seizure-inducing content so everyone can browse more safely.

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What is PhotosensitivityPal?

PhotosensitivityPal is a prototype Chrome extension that automatically checks for seizure-inducing content (such as flashes, bright colors, and repeated patterns) in all the GIFs and videos you encounter as you browse. This browser extension is the result of an ongoing research project at Northeastern University investigating online accessibility and safety, led by Laura South and Michelle Borkin. For more details about the design and implementation of PhotosensitivityPal, see our paper "Detecting and Defending Against Seizure-Inducing GIFs in Social Media", which recieved a Best Paper Honorable Mention at CHI 2021.

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Please note that while PhotosensitivityPal has been tested extensively and serves as an extra safeguard for users with photosensitivity, the extension is still in beta and may not detect all possible forms of seizure-inducing content. If you notice a bug, please let us know at This research is supported in part by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program under Grant No. DGE1451070.

Here’s how you can start using PhotosensitivityPal.

PhotosensitivityPal is available in the Chrome Web Store.